Court of Appeals of Georgia’s amendment to Rules for Submitting Appellate Records

Chief Judge M. Yvette Miller announced that the Court of Appeals of Georgia has adopted a rule which will offset that portion of House Bill 1055 which would raise the per page record preparation fee in statewide appeals. Chief Judge Miller said this is a temporary measure which will alleviate the burdensome effect on the public and the attorneys of having to pay a $10.00 per page record preparation fee which would in essence deprive certain persons of free and equal access to the appellate Courts.

Chief Judge Miller said the Court considered the rule adopted by the Georgia Supreme Court, met with legislative and Bar leaders and determined that since the Supreme Court has adopted a new rule it would be judicious and prudent for the Court of Appeals also to adopt a rule to ameliorate the harsh effect of HB 1055. An amendment to Court of Appeals Rule 17 was adopted by the Court and will provide as follows:

 “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these rules, this Court will accept for consideration on the merits of any appeal any record or substitute therefor which the Supreme Court of Georgia accepts under its rules.”

Chief Judge Miller said the rule goes into effect immediately.


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